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Tourist attractions in surrounding


Climbing on the Mala Fatra ridge

You cannot miss the ridge climbing when you visit the Vratna valley. The most beautiful and accessible part starts at cable chairlift in Snilovske sedlo (1524 m), continues to Chleb (1645 m), to Hromove (1636 m), Steny, Poludnovy Grun (1460 m) to Stohove sedlo (1230 m). From this place the route continues to the peak Stohove (1607 m) and through Medziholie (1185 m) to the most beautiful peak Velky Rozsutec (1609 m). The ridge goes down to saddle Medzirozsutce (1225 m). From there you descend to Horne and Dolne diery (Upper and Lower holes) up to the parking place in village Stefanova. From the hill Poludnovy Grun you can also go down directly to the Cottage on Grun – Chata na Gruni.


Janosikove diery (Janoshik´s holes)

Janosikove diery or simply Diery is the system of gorges and canyons in Krivanska Mala Fatra. They are part of Velky Rozsutec area, which is the national natural reservation. Diery are formed from Dolne, Horne and Nove diery (lower, upper and new holes). The holes were formed by Dierovy creek. The instructional footpath is built in Dolne diery. Horne diery are closed in winter time. Janosikove diery are marked and accessible with attractive pavements with gangways, step-ladders and chains. Horne diery are the most beautiful, they have the most water falls and ladders which take you to the saddle Medzirozsutce. From the saddle you can climb to Maly and Velky Rozsutec. Altogether there are 20 lovely water falls in Janosikove diery. Bizarre rock formations with specific climate are home of several interesting kinds of plants and animals.


Winter sports

There are two ski lifts near the cottage and slopes with artificial snow, suitable for beginners and experienced challenging skiers.